Strategic Goals

UMA Strategic Goals 2016-2020


To be recognized as one of the world's finest university archives through supporting research, teaching and learning and engagement.


  • In line with the Collections policy: to develop a dynamic, visible, known, accessible and relevant archival collection, which is recognised nationally and internationally
  • to expand direct and indirect use of the collections, and
  • to do this in ways that meet national and international best practice, and which excel in the eyes of the university, researchers, professional colleagues and depositors.

Values and guiding principles

Staff of the Archives are committed to the values and guiding principles of the University and University Services.

In addition, we value:

  • the archival records we manage, preserve and make accessible;
  • a safe secure archival repository;
  • minimal and non-discriminatory, though fully respected, restrictions on use of collections;
  • advocacy for archives which recognizes the importance of institutional collecting while supporting other approaches to archival preservation and use (e.g. community and family archiving, partnerships and digital collections);
  • service to all our depositors and researchers;
  • a commitment to promote the wider cultural value of archival collections in support of the University's engagement mission;
  • the 'Archivists' Mission' and code of ethics issued by the Australian Society of Archivists and the Universal Declaration on Archives; and
  • integration of archival management with better recordkeeping for University records and continuing deposits.


We recognize our key stakeholders to be:

  • the University
  • our researchers
  • our depositors and their representatives
  • the Archives Advisory Board
  • professional colleagues
  • institutions that accrue and collect archives, including the Public Record Office of Victoria, which oversees regulation and management of public records in Victoria, including university records

Strategic goals

Our collection is of national and international cultural significance; comprised of selected university records and deposited archival collections that support research, teaching and learning and engagement. We seek to provide traditional, innovative and digital services fit for the hybrid, scholarly archive of the 21st century.

To support this transition, our strategic goals for the next 5 years are:

  1. Increase use of the collections.
  2. Establish a service to collect, manage and provide access to born digital records within the collecting framework and policies.
  3. Provide digital and online access to priority collections to support research, teaching and learning and engagement.
  4. Raise our profile and efforts to become embedded within the University, for example through supporting teaching and learning.
  5. Establish innovative, online access to the collections by developing online presence, interfaces and tools.
  6. Improve means for securing and using funding to support our strategic goals.
  7. Review collection strengths and opportunities including de-accession and revise our policies and processes to encompass digital archives.