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Malcolm Fraser Oration at the University of Melbourne

In 2017 the University of Melbourne hosted the inaugural Malcolm Fraser Oration. The oration was established in memory of Mr Fraser and his vision for Australia, particularly in relation to human rights. It is fitting that the first lecture was given by Mr Julian Burnside AO QC, a prominent human rights and refugee advocate.

2017 Malcolm Fraser Oration with Julian Burnside

Important Parliamentary Speeches

Preselection Speech

Opposition to Aparthied in South Africa, 25 March 1982

Ministerial Statement on the Arts, 3 June 1976

Ministerial Statement on Whales and Whaling, 4 April 1979

Ministerial Statement on Defence, 10 March 1970

South Africa's Membership of the Commonwealth, 12 April 1961

First Parliamentary Speech on International Affairs, 15 March 1956

Maiden Speech to Parliament, 22 February 1956

Other speeches

Access the content of every major speech given by Malcolm Fraser outside of Parliament, from 1971 to 2014. The breadth and depth of subject matter confirm Fraser's reputation as an internationally engaged, respected and knowledgeable commentator. Topics include relations with China and Australian foreign policy, the rights of asylum seekers, the role of the ideology of liberalism, the role of the Commonwealth, human rights, nuclear weapons and more. This also includes the 1971 Deakin lecture in which Fraser uttered the line for which he will be remembered, "There is within me some part of the metaphysic, and thus I would add that life is not meant to be easy."

Other speeches

Major legislation

The following documents are major legislation passed by the Fraser government.

Social Services Amendment Act 1976

Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976

Ombudsman Act 1976

Constitution Alteration (Senate Casual Vacancies) Act 1977

Federal Court of Australia Act 1976

Crimes (Taxation Offences) Act 1980

Taxation (Unpaid Company Tax) Assessment Act 1982

Aboriginal Development Commission Act 1980

Human Rights Commission Act 1981

Northern Territory (Self Government) Act 1978

Freedom of Information Act 1982

The Dismissal

A day-by-day account of the Shadow Cabinet meetings (with links to scanned copies of the original minutes) in the period from the decision to block supply in the Senate to the dismissal of the Whitlam Government.

The Dismissal

Radio Electorate Talks

From the beginning of his parliamentary career to the end, Malcolm Fraser undertook almost weekly speeches for the local radio stations in his electorate of Wannon. Over 700 transcripts of these speeches have been digitised and made available online.

Radio Electorate Talks