Diaries and the internet

Since Bill Gammage introduced the Australian War Memorial’s collection of soldiers’ diaries to a general readership, the per- sonal war diary has achieved almost sacred status in Australia, dwarfing their parallel official unit diary records and the limit- ed print run unit histories based on them. The personal diary is often self-published, but some, interestingly most by POWs (eg. Sir Edward Dunlop, Adrian Curlewis and Stan Arneil) have become minor classics.

Item 53

Carbon copy of official unit war diary, ADMS 8th Division Australian Imperial Force, October 1940.

Item 54

Personal diary 31 July 1914–12 March 1915 of Lieutenant A. P. Derham.

Item 55

The Broken Years by Bill Gammage (illustrated edition, Penguin Books, 1990). Original 1975 Penguin edition opened at diary extract describing shelling with gas. Item 56 First world war gas mask.