Nettie Palmer

Nettie Palmer (1885–1964) was a leading Australian poet, essayist, literary critic and historian, and equally remembered for her partnership with the novelist, short story writer and dramatist Vance Palmer (1885–1959). After graduating in Arts and Education from the University of Melbourne in 1909, Nettie furthered her education via travel and formal study between 1910 and 1912 in London, Berlin and Paris.

Item 45

Handwritten diary/notebook, March 1910–September 1922, opened at 26 October (1910, London), where she describes a meeting of the Women’s Labour League.

Item 46

Signed issue of Nettie Palmer’s FOURTEEN YEARS: extracts from a private journal 1925–1939 (Meanjin Press, 1948), opened at the title page.

Item 47

Nettie Palmer: her private journal Fourteen Years, poems, review and literary essays, edited by Vivian Smith (University of Queensland Press, 1988), displayed for the cover illustration of Palmer. Vivian Smith’s ‘Editor’s Note’ (pp. 2–5) explains the full context of the journal, which he describes as ‘an anthology in journal form’ and of enormous importance to historians and those interested in the develop- ment of Australian culture between the wars.’

Item 48

Portrait of Nettie Palmer by Louis Kahan.