After Lunch, Queen's College, Melbourne

After Lunch, Queen's College, Melbourne, 2. VIII. 1942. From Sketchbook of drawings and paintings of Tatura Internment Camp and University of Melbourne, Leonhard Adam collection, 1994.0060.00001 p.39.

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Leonhard Adam, anthropologist and lawyer was born in Berlin in 1891. He went on to become a judge in provincial court, Berlin and lectured in ethnological jurisprudence and primitive law at the Institute of Foreign Laws and was a member of the board of experts of the Ethnographical Museum, Berlin. Being part Jewish the Nazis' anti-Semitic laws stripped  Adam of all official positions in 1933 and in 1938 he sought refuge in England, teaching at the University of London. Interned as an enemy alien on 16 May 1940, he was shipped to Australia on the "Dunera" and became Pro-rector of the "Collegium Taturense" at the Tatura Internment Camp.

Released on parole on 29 May 1942, given residence at Queen's College, he taught Primitive Art and Anthropology in the University of Melbourne History Department, 1943-1960, and built up an ethnological collection of objects now housed at Ian Potter Museum of Art. Adam's papers dating 1935-1960 are housed with University of Melbourne Archives including the sketchbook of drawings and paintings predominately of Tatura internment camp.  The last two pages of the sketchbook were completed not longer after arriving in Melbourne, a depiction of a Carlton Street dated 26 June 1942 and this painting of Queen's college students congregated in the college grounds after lunch dated August 1942.

To view the sketchbook online visit the University of Melbourne Archives Digitised Items Catalogue, item 1994.0060.00001

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