Collection Development and Management Plan

In accordance with the University of Melbourne Archives Management Plan 2016-2020 the following processes will apply.

New acquisitions

To focus on strategic and operational priorities of discovery, access and use of the collections and to develop new digital services, the University of Melbourne Archives (UMA) will not collect new physical acquisitions in this period either responsively or proactively including as a general rule additions to existing collections.

Existing depositors

The UMA will in responsive mode continue to advise existing depositors about their collections, with a focus on reviewing the existing collection held at UMA. Reviews will canvas:

  • Ownership or loan status, documentation and terms including fees and charges, copyright and access restrictions
  • State of cataloguing and processing facilitating the discovery and use of the collections
  • Plan for the continuation or cessation of future deposits
  • In some circumstances, de-accession

Reviews will take place on an as-needs priority basis and the UMA will not contact all existing depositors due to limited staff resources. In a handful of exceptional circumstances approved by the Director Research and Collections, the Archives may accept transfers from existing depositors during this period due for example to the age of the depositor or to fulfil a prior agreement. In these cases the emphasis will be on rounding off the collection rather than open-ended arrangements.

Digital Collections

UMA may approach a very small number of new or existing depositors to collaborate with us to develop use cases for the development of digital archiving services.

University Records

Official University Records in University Services, Chancellery and Faculties will continue to be managed by the relevant department in accordance with records management rules, processes and guidelines. The University Records unit will continue to receive records of enduring value from departments for ongoing management and storage. UMA will work in partnership with University Records to accession selected legacy records dating from the 1990s and earlier (due to reaching an age when the records are likely to be requested for access in line with industry benchmarks) into the Archives collection and (subject to any restrictions in line with Access Management Framework) make them available for access by researchers. The UMA will work with stakeholders including University Records and the Digital Preservation Project to develop services for acquiring, preserving and providing access to digital university archives.