National awards for two University of Melbourne archivists

Congratulations to Lachlan Glanville and Fiona Ross of the University of Melbourne Archives, whose articles in The Conversation have been recognised by the presenting of Mander Jones Awards by the Australian Society of Archivists. These awards recognise writing about archives for a general audience or an audience that is rarely exposed to archival thinking. Both articles highlight the many human interactions and range of emotions which are reflected in records. They also give an insight into what it is like to work with very personal records and suggest many ways in which they might be valued by researchers.

Focussing on correspondence Lachlan Glanville’s article Reading Germaine Greer’s Mail explores a collection of 50 years of letters, emails, faxes, telegrams and newsletters from academics, schoolchildren, radicals and housewives from all over the world to Germaine Greer. Fiona Ross’ article about Red Cross POW enquiry cards gives insight into the important communication work carried out by the Red Cross during the second world war.

 Lachlan Glanville and Fiona Ross

Image: Lachlan Glanville and Fiona Ross