New researcher registration process

Researchers must now register to use University of Melbourne Archives material online.

New Request Management System Now LIVE

Aeon is the Reading Room’s new request management application that assists staff, researchers and collection managers track and respond to requests for access to material from Special Collections, the Grainger Museum and University of Melbourne Archives.

All researchers requesting materials for use in the Reading Room need to be registered in Aeon and lodge their requests in Aeon. The web form based systems used previously for requests will be discontinued from Monday 27th February and the Reading Room will only respond to requests lodged in Aeon from this date.

All researchers need to create an account in Aeon before a request can be lodged. Creating accounts is a simple process and Reading Room staff will be on hand to assist if creating an account in the Reading Room. Researchers can also create accounts via the web at any time by clicking on the Make A Request button on the  Reading Room homepage and following our downloadable guide.

Accounts allow researchers to track the progress of their requests, see the history of their requests and re-order material.

Researchers who already have material in the Reading Room ordered using the former request systems can continue to use this material after creating an Aeon account and no new request need be made for this material. However please note that this material will only be held until 13th March when it will need to be re-ordered using Aeon. This time limit is consistent both with Reading Room practice about retaining material for use and to prevent the extended operation of parallel systems managing and tracking material after the 27th of February.

If you have any questions concerning these changes please don’t hesitate to call the Reading Room on (03) 8344 5380, or email at or to speak to the Client Services Team when next in the Reading Room.

Requesting Material guide