Study skills with Archives and Special Collections

Are you a student at the University of Melbourne interested in accessing our rare and fascinating cultural collections? Join us for a workshop run by curators and archivists on how to do just that!

This workshop provides students with a tool kit for searching, requesting and viewing the enthralling documents, works of art and distinctive books available in the University’s Archives and Special Collections. Students will receive an overview of the collections, how to search for these items online, and how to appropriately engage with these rare materials during their studies. Utilising the primary sources available in the collections provides rewarding learning experiences for students during their class time, assignments and for original research through more detailed study, such as thesis writing. This workshop is designed to provide students with the inspiration and the edge to delve into the University’s world-class collections.

The workshop is presented by: Jason Benjamin (Conservation Programs Co-ordinator), Kerrianne Stone (Curator, Prints) and Katie Wood (Archivist).

12.30-1.30pm Monday 30 Jul. Free event, bookings essential.